IBSFINtech is the global leader and fastest growing provider of Trade Finance software solutions. The company has been provisioning and enabling end-to-end Trade Finance solutions and helping corporate recognize benefits of automation of trade finance function. Our Trade Finance solution caters to requirements of exporters dealing in diamonds, gold, cashew nuts, steel, and garments among other items.

IBSFINtech’s trade finance solution facilitates a transparent solution for all your accounting complexities and helps in minimizing risk in this volatile business environment both for importers and exporters.

Technology Aspect

IBSFINtech’s Trade Finance solution is developed on Oracle 10 G, the most popular & stable RDBMS, to run on Windows / Unix / Linux Server with user interface in .Net 2008. The Platform consists of Intel based server and desktops interconnected over a LAN. You have an option to select from Enterprise Linux or Windows.

The solution can be conveniently integrated with third party packages such as SAP, Tally Accounting system and other similar accounting software.

Trade Finance solution constantly supports your accounting department with

Implementation of complex algorithms and multi-user control mechanisms.

Integration with external packages using APIs.

Implementation of Audit Trails and Mail Messaging.

Security features such as implementation of control measures with scheduled backups.

Trade Finance Solution is the end to end solution empowering your accounting department with dynamic reporting and digital dashboards to effectively manage the volatile risks a corporate is exposed to.

Along with rising complexities, a surge in the volume of business transactions, volatility of exchange rates and risk factors in emerging business environments make constant tracking a critical necessity. Modules which strengthen and empower Trade Finance software solution are:

Import Module

The Imports module helps in Cargo arrival notice, clearance of goods, advance remittance towards capital goods, and linking advance payments while finalizing import entry. The Banking – Imports module includes access to remittance history, stock maintenance, and generates registers.

Banking – Exports Module

The Banking – Exports module helps in monitoring bill due-date, availability of credit facilities, enhancements, overdue analysis, interest calculations, interest payment history, bank commission payment history, generating outstanding position – party wise/bank-wise and managing post-shipment and pre-shipment loan requests.

Fixed Deposits Module

Fixed Deposits module helps in managing fixed deposits for investments, TDS history, TDS certificates, history of interest earnings and monitoring FD maturities.

Letter of Credits Module

The Letter of Credit, as name suggests, facilitates LC management. It helps in monitoring sanction limit, purchase vs LC linking, analysis of margin, and credit enhancements.

Buyer’s Credit Module

The Buyer’s Credit Module helps in monitoring buyer’s credit, outstanding values, and net status on maturity related information.

Licensing Module

The licensing module facilitates application for imprest, advance or EPCG licenses. It also helps in monitoring allocation of exports or imports w.r.t. licenses.

Gold Loan Module

The gold loan module allows calculation of margin analysis for outstanding gold loans on MTM basis. It also facilitates price fluctuation analysis, price fixation, hedging of gold loans, and history of export invoices.

Reports Module

The reports module helps in generation of reports from dashboards for review and monitoring purpose.

Apart from the above mentioned characteristics and capabilities of each module of Trade Finance Solution, here is the list of differentiators, why you should chose IBSFIntech’s Trade Finance solution over other similar solutions available in the market:

Security Features

Different layers governed by need based access controls.

Controls implementation even in a multi-user networked environment enables the man agement to view & monitor online events at any desired level of the package.

Controls configured in the package enable automatic triggering of the alerts through SMS / mails on policy violations.

Other Features

Solution is built on n-tier architecture, with object-oriented design on the latest version of Visual studio and Oracle, which enables periodic storing and restoring of data securely, easily and automatically.

Provisions to support legacy systems by providing interfaces with other packages like ‘Tally’ SAP, etc., with industry standard interface protocols.

‘Digital Dash-Board’ – to aid decision makers monitor multi-office functioning.

Dynamic reports enabled in order to curtail users’ dependence on the vendor.<.span>

Complex and customer specific algorithms required by the customer.

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